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Film composing is a part of post production often shrouded in mystery. Let me pull back the curtain a bit for those interested in learning more about what I do. 


General Questions

Here are some answers to the questions I get asked most or might be of most help to a prospective client.

What I do

Film scoring is a creative endeavor that differs from composing music for concerts because it relies on collaboration with a director/creative team who provides the canvas on which to paint the musical part of the story. Music in a film should serve as an extension of the emotional life of the characters and world. My process is to communicate with the director/creative team frequently to musically support the narrative and character development they seek to achieve. This back and forth informs the themes and motivic content of the score and generally inspires my work. My hope is that the process is reciprocal, and that I inspire them as well. 

Other Services

I am experienced in mixing and mastering, conducting session orchestras, and recording musicians. 

You can find out more about these services here.

Hiring Smith Music Lab

This really depends on the scope of the film score itself. I estimate about 8 hours of time spent to fully score and produce 1 minute of music. This also includes mixing and engineering the music as well as crafting the sample libraries to sound authentic and clean.

When elements of the final product are taken care of by another artist (i.e a live musician recording instrumental/vocal tracks instead of me engineering them with samples, or another mixing engineer mixing the track) my time commitment becomes a fraction of this, but often I'm asked to take care of all aspects of the music production. 

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