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Noah Smith, Film & Media Composer

Welcome to my website! I’m Noah, a film & media composer, conductor, audio and recording engineer living in Boulder, Colorado. Explore my services and portfolio to find out what I could do for you!

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Years of Experience

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My Origin Story

Follow my journey from acting and musical theater to film composing and fatherhood.

  • Love of Shakespeare

    My teenage years were spent in the pursuit of theater and I grew as an emotional being through the study of Shakespeare, musical theater, and the works of great playwrights like Edward Albee.

  • A Critical Mind

    While continuing a pursuit of theater I decided to focus on some of the hard sciences in my early college years at Vassar. While I loved artists, I needed perspective. A move into the world of Physics allowed me to explore my own mind in new ways.

  • Full Circle

    My mid-twenties were spent moving away from being on stage to behind the scenes. I returned to a childhood love of mine for film music and attended graduate school in Seattle for Film Scoring. Since then I have laid the foundations for a career I pursue to this day.

Noah’s Milestones

My career has been a decade long accumulation of skills and projects and here are some of my seminal moments. I want to add more. 

  • Graduating The Pacific NW Film Scoring Program

    In 2012 I graduated from the Pacific NW Film Scoring Program. This was a tremendous education for me, mentored by the masterful Hummie Mann and working with members of the Seattle Symphony on multiple occasions.

  • LAFCI Conducting Intensive

    The experience of composing an original orchestral work for a Bulgarian orchestra and then conducting that piece under the direction and expertise of Angel Velez and Conrad Pope was life changing and the end result was a composition I am immensely proud of.

  • Scoring My First Feature

    In 2022 I completed my first score for a feature film titled Lil’ Balzac 2. Though the film was an action comedy, the score was very serious work and the director wanted cues rich with leitmotif and melodic development. It was an invaluable experience in working with a director to achieve their vision.


What We Do

Find the service we offer that meets your needs!

Film Scoring

Scoring music to picture is a true collaboration. We will work to meet your artistic vision while bringing a unique style and sensitivity to the emotional life of the story.


Mixing your musical track is about balance and energy. We will make sure your track pops and has that professional sound you would expect from a top notch recording studio.


Recording musical artists is about understanding not only miking, but also how to get the best performance out of the musician. Noah’s experience as a singer ensures he’ll capture those moments of magic.


With years of experience conducting in Los Angeles and working with studio musicians, we are able to work with an orchestra to get the best performance from an ensemble.

Custom Library

Don’t have the budget or time to work on custom music tracks for your project? Perhaps we have a track that will already fit your needs. If not, a custom library track written on demand might be the solution for your project.


Featured Projects

Browse through some of my best work and read the story behind the music.

LB2 Album Art Web Compressed
Music to Picture

Lil’ Balzac 2 Soundtrack

A ridiculous day in the life of the notorious Lil Balzac ends in a bank heist, a car chase from the police and a crime boss showdown for the ages. Listen to the full film soundtrack here.

Danny Square Pic
Music to Picture

Danny and the Wild Bunch

A children’s book writer down on her luck turns to a darker tone, and then her characters come to life to shocking results. Sometimes you reap what you sow. See my entry into this composing competition here.

Spring Sprite Square
Music to Picture, Conducting

From the Ashes - International

This was a piece I wrote for a composing competition that won me the honor to tour to Bulgaria and conduct my own original work. The piece, titled From the Ashes, is a reimagining of the firebird scene from Fantasia 2000.

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