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Library Music

Learn about the library music tracks I've written that might slot appropriately into your next project.


Library Music may be called for when a director/composer relationship is not needed on smaller projects and all you may be looking for is the right track or couple tracks to fit your vision. Being a working composer, I have amassed many demo tracks and library tracks that could perfectly fit your needs or be appropriate with minor edits. My custom library services span genres from action to comedy to fantasy to drama. I also have appropriate tracks for documentary and biopic style projects. The beneficial aspect to a good library track is it costs you less money than a custom score and can save me time as the composer. If it’s the right fit, let’s find the right library track for your project.

Library Music

Dragon Nest - Rescored Video Game Loops

Check out these three one-minute loops as examples of fantasy video game music. 

Epic War and Fantasy Battle Loops

These loops are more in the style of battle scenes with the final one introducing elements of magical sorcery.

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